Upcoming Shows Jan & February

18. January 2016

Some Performances and exhibitions in early 2016

Gym of Obsolete Technology at W139 Gallery

29 January 2016

The Dial-up Choir will be performing at the opening of Gym of Obsolete Technology at W139 on Friday 29 January.

The intention for this exhibition is to visualize and give form to the tensions between the analogue and the digital that come into being during moments of transference, circumvention, and interference. Artists from the Netherlands, Europe, Mexico, and North America have been invited to collaborate and develop new work within the context of the exhibition. Through sculptural, video, sound, light, multimedia, and installation works, visitors can interact with the weight of obsolete technologies and explore the ways we interact with the digital and analogue frameworks around us.

Shifting Optics 3 at Upstream Gallery

30 January 2016

A group show with Aram Bartholl, Max Dovey, Constant Dullaart, Yu Honglei, Austin Lee and Jan Robert Leegte.

Upstream Gallery presents Shifting Optics III, a new edition in a series of signaling group exhibitions where the impact of digital culture on the visual arts is shown. In the first edition (2014), a new generation of artists was introduced. For this generation that grew up with computers, working in a hybrid method between analog and digital comes naturally. In the second edition (2015) recent developments were placed in dialogue with works by pioneers such as Peter Struycken and JODI, who were using computers and the Internet already in their art in the twentieth century. While the interface between art and computers is still relevant today, institutions and a wider audience now also recognize its urgency. With Shifting Optics III, Upstream Gallery continues its research within this rapidly transforming field by bringing together six artists who have embraced a digital working method. From different angles and in a variety of media, they reflect on the impact of computers on our collective consciousness.

More information http://www.upstreamgallery.nl/exhibitions/133/shifting-optics-iii

H.I.T at V2

12 February 2016

H.I.T. (2016) stands for ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ and refers to the human labour involved in the development of image recognition algorithms. To investigate the position of human labour in the production of algorithms, artists Max Dovey & Manetta Berends have adapted an automatic image tagging application into a participatory game show with cash prizes. In the game show, multiple teams compete to identify the human labour involved in the development of an image recognition algorithm.

Max Dovey and Manetta Berends investigate the social and political conditions in which big data, machine learning and artificial intelligent systems are produced. Through a series of publications and performances, they aim to catalogue the promises of big data and perform the social mechanisms that produce automation. Both Max Dovey as well as Manetta Berends are recent graduates of the Media Design & Communication department at the Piet Zwart Institute and founded a research group to critically reflect on the outcomes and implications of algorithmic production.

more information - http://v2.nl/events/human-intelligence-tasks

Get tickets - http://webshop.v2.nl/tickets/ticket-lecture-lev-manovich-detail