Addwords is a tool for predicting and forecasting the cost of placing advertisements on google search engine.  It was developed in collaboration with Manetta Barends and Lucia Dossin (Human Index) as part of The gig is Up exhibition at V2. The application was demonstrated as part of Cloud Labour Night in which each speakers presentation was transcribed, analysed, displayed and ordered according to market value. The ranking metrics used by Addwords provided insights into how each speaker's presentation could be more click worthy and the cost of advertising their lecture on Google.

The outcome of the project was a report made from the insights generated from the tool and a targeted specific advertisement placed on google search. The report was presented as part of the cloud labour night at V2 on the 27 October and included suggested alternate titles for each speakers presentation and breakdown of costs for most expensive word and costs per click (cpc). In the run up to the exhibition Human Index generated an online advertisement on google search engine to promote the gig is up exhibition that could be seen under the search term 'Jobs, cloud and dreams'.