Foley Narrative

Foley Narrative


Foley Narrative explores speech recognition programs as a tool for (mis)interpretation in live performance. In ‘Foley Narrative’, speech recognition software ‘listens’ to household objects and translates the sound of their humming, buzzing and whirling into text that is then projected as subtitles on to a screen behind me.

The microphone detects sounds made with domestic objects and presents the interpretations made by speech recognition software. As the software registers the phonetic patterns in the acoustics of banal everyday objects, It’s (mis)interpretations present a comment on the absurdity of social computing and ‘smart technology’.

Foley Narrative has been perfomed at Tent, Noordkapp & Worm.

smart objects from Max Dovey on Vimeo.

Foley Narrative | Episode 1 from Max Dovey on Vimeo.