HIT (Human Intelligence Tasks)

H.I.T. (2016) stands for “Human Intelligence Tasks” and refers to the human labor involved in the development of image recognition algorithms. To investigate the position of human labor in the production of algorithms, artists Max Dovey and Manetta Berends have adapted an automatic image-tagging application to create a participatory game show with cash prizes. In the game show, multiple teams compete to identify the human labor involved in the development of an image-recognition algorithm.

During H.I.T. (acronym for Human Intelligence tasks), six members from the audience perform in a visual recognition competition specialising in identifying the human labour involved in computer vision algorithms. It is a participatory performance where audience members compete to produce their own image recognition algorithm. It is styled on the annual ImageNet challenge, where groups of researchers compete to develop the most accurate image recognition algorithm. H.I.T. adapts this competition to reveal and perform the manual labour involved in training an algorithm on a public image dataset. Two teams play against each other in front of an audience where each round is a task taken from the production of an image recognition algorithm. Within the tasks, the cognitive labour is embodied by the participants as the often obscured process of producing a working algorithm is performed.

Hit was developed as part of a V2 Residency and performed at Data in the 21st Century (2016) and Digital Bauhaus Summit


video - vimeo.com/155516377