The Last Day Of TV

The Last Day of TV

Performance Sculpture

A series of 5 boxes that contain 5 videos that together make up a bootleg recording of the last day of analogue broadcasting in London, UK. Each box has a different UK national channel logo on the cover and each video is labeled with the date and time information of each recording. The boxes are hand made with a gray tone with white lettering and are a single edition. Each video case contains an image of a television tower overlayed with 5 circles that represent an analogue broadcast signal. The logo is a rebranding to package the last day of TV.

The Last Day of TV was made in response to the end of analogue broadcasting in Uk in April 2012. Primarily we wanted to raise awareness that the broadcasting medium that had served us for over 70 years was quietly ceasing transmission. The last moment was important to archive as the last frame of a historical broadcasting medium, and i wanted to record and archive this final frame onto vhs recording. This felt important because the vhs format and its relation to recording copyrighted television was also coming to an end. In the information age where all digital signals leave a trail capturing the last moment of analogue needed to be archived too.

Catlin Art Prize, London, UK 2012

Russet Gallery, London, UK 2012