The Secret Post Office

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The Secret Post Office

Touring Performance Installation

“The bicycle-riding postmen at the Secret Post Office are perhaps the only postmen in the world able to locate the intended recipient of their mail by such vaguely described addresses as ‘North Camp by security thing, in-between pirate and smiley face flags” Virgin Music Blog

The Secret Post Office is a festival mail service that circulates post around the festival. Letters and postcards made at the post office are delivered to anyone within the festival. This is a performance installation where the public create unique items of mail that are delivered to their friends at the festival. The affection towards our quaint village like post office and the popularity of our performing postmen peddling around the festival on bikes has been astounding. People genuinely recall their encounter with the secret posties as their favorite moment of the festival and this is echoed in articles, reviews and even a short interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Nova Festival 2012

Secret Garden Party Festival 2010,2011,2012,2013

Wilderness 2011,2012,2013

Shambala 2011,2012

No Direction Home Festival 2011

End Of The Road Festival 2013,2014