Your Homepage


Interactive documentary

A website that displays the google map interface with different landmark icons that reveal videos of people remembering where they grew up against a backdrop of the environment on google streetview. Each landmark icon when clicked reveals a video recording of somebody talking to camera remembering where they grew with a chroma keyed streetview landscape of their street and local area in the background of the video. The streetview chromo key explores the local area behind the person in the video while they recall their favorite aspects of their neighbourhood and where they grew up. The collection of videos is navigated through the standard google maps interface within the website. The people talk about what they can see, how the place has changed (or how different it looks) and what they can remember.

YourHomepage is about the relationship between the user and the google maps service. By presenting personal memories in front of the ubiquitous digital interface the emotional expression and standardised navigation creates a conflict. im interested in relationship between the memory, the place and the digital representation. The piece is a an online work that returns to the digital form , creating layers of personal memories onto the google maps landscape. It is interesting to archive such personal histories onto a public platform, that sits within a discourse of the internet medium.

University Arts London Commission , London, UK 2012

Stoke Newington International Airport, London, UK 2011